Rejoice, You failed Matric

Firstly, congratulations for failing Matric … I know it sounds strange right now but it’s a lesson – you will soon discover!
How? You ask … Here goes: your friends have all gone and gotten a piece of paper that entitles them to enter the rat race. You, my friend, have avoided that rat race, all expectations have fallen off you and you can now choose to define and take your own path.
You are no longer trapped, stressed nor worried about university acceptance, you can focus on yourself and finding out what you’re worth and what you really want.

The Benefits of Fail(ure)

You are facing down one of the most important life lessons FAILURE …. that demon that leaves us feeling judged and inferior. But you need to know that it’s a choice to feel like that, that failure doesn’t kill, that we must get up sooner than later and find ourselves and most importantly – to live our purpose.

You are lucky to have found what many will find out too late in life, you can never be truly happy and successful if you don’t find your true purpose, passions and you have the courage to follow through on your plans. To do something amazing you have to go, where others won’t go!


A side note: They, your friends, will get stuck in the middle of another #FeesMustFall fall out, which is necessary for sanity to prevail over our political and capital elites.


Forget what your parents think, the future is yours to decide upon.

Life is not about what your parents want! They’ve lived their own lives and they have no idea what the future holds for you – nor the future opportunities outside of the typical, defined path that sees so many graduates unemployed! The schools and universities and all the smart people in the world couldn’t tell me that I’d work as the strategist in social media and digital communications or that worse Donald Trump would be president today.

F*#k experts because Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist in 2002 in my first year of tertiary. YouTube, Instagram, Money4Jam, blogging, online sales, Uber, Nanotechnology, video tutorials, online universities and the current thriving 800-billion-dollar gaming industry. Hell, the Vega School of Brand Leadership just launched a Degree in gaming, that’s the future!

And gaming has been booming for decades. The future is happening, those poor kids in the university will only think themselves qualified to do anything worthwhile when they get their next piece of paper and permission. You don’t need permission to do amazing things … you lucky fish, life has started and you have a second chance to avoid misery .. flourish.

Dropouts rock

Today is no benchmark for the future, the world and everything we love is a result of someone else’s passions being put to work on something they care about. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Virgin, Oprah, Dell, Whole Foods, WordPress, these brands were built by passionate drop outs…. it is the passion, not the subject choice that determines happiness and the success.

Why you’re Lucky?

  1. The university dropout rate is 40% (too many students signing up for programs they don’t want to do or for the sake of getting into an academic institution)
  2. You won’t be forced to take whatever courses are left over or what you are expected to grasp because of your marks.
  3. You have another year to finding or focusing on what you’re really interested in. Use your imagination for a change.
  4. Another year to start something, to make a plan and execute.
  5. You’ve just been reminded that life has begun, there’s no starting age or time.
  6. You have reached the expiry date on blaming parents for steering you in the wrong direction.
  7. Rock bottom is a good foundation to start anything. How much further can you go?
  8. You can discover you – new strengths and pleasures, like how you are still a whole human being with ideas.
  9. Your measure of your life and worth will no longer be measured by passing exams.
  10. Knowledge is not only in book nor qualification, not a checklist of achievements/ qualifications and CV are not your life

While those smart people go off to learn how to be worked in a system, you can start building your own systems and ensuring that you’re investing in your passions

Survival and not living your full life is a bigger failure

You matter, your dreams matter.

Chase yours dreams now.



Lebo Mukansi: Successful Failer, Emperor of my life. Strategy Doer
Lesego Ranchu  Co-writer, Chief Ninja