This is a piece of pro active work I created with a friend of mine, who narrates the story in Sesotho, one of the official languages of South Africa. We developed this low budget piece to reflect a level of depth we attach to products we love, and how mainstream advertising tends to fall short of writing and consequently producing original, rich, pieces of work that would resonate with ordinary South Africans in their native languages. Like Sesotho, as is the case with this piece, not the insulting umbrella of ‘vernac’.

Link to audio: Rothisetsa Qoqotho.

Duration: 41 Seconds.


Itlhotlhore mahetla.

Tadima mahodimo, utlwa melodi ya dinonyana. Ke kae moo o yang?

Hetla riti sa hao, o ikgopole hore o mang

Toro tsa hao le tjhebelo pele ya moo o iponang,

Wena mongodi wa pale e tla tsosollosa ditjhaba-tjhaba,

Rabotapi, kgeleke ho tsa mmino.

Hetla riti sa hao, o…

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