Chapter 6 Dikeldi vs Tebza

As walked we walked down to the train station I realised just how deep my plunge was, now me and Dikeledi were stuck in an untenable situation we were both in the dog box, and our dream dates seemed to be slipping away. I was worried about the backlash from Lulu and the distance I may have created between me and Tebza. On the other hand Dikeledi was deeply hurt by Lerato’s act of betrayal, I must admit that I hadn’t even thought past the comment part.

I hadn’t even imagined what I would say to Dikeledi if the plan went south, boy did it go south kapela (fast). I didn’t have the girl, Dikeledi has lost to Tebza and my competitor was sweet talking my girl damn it. At this precise moment I remembered a saying that I had picked up in a hustler magazine or some random trashy magazine, it simply read in big red, bold letters; “when going through hell, just keep walking”. Meaning I was going to have to face the situation head on, anyway what the hell was wrong with being brought together with Dikeledi by fate’s little games!!

But then on the other hand there was Lulu’s wrath. The only way out would be to see through the plan and hope for the best. Dikeledi was putting on a brave face, but clearly the thought of going up against Tebza was daunting coupled with the devastating sting of Lerato’s rejection.

I had to do two things first, as you can imagine this was related closely to my other brain- mission 1- dont waste this opportunity, leroma(a kiss, pitori taal!!) was the least I could out of this mess. That was also going to be a delicate move, ( ps…this doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on getting with Tebza, my schoolboy heart was really pining for my dreamgirl.

Mission 2. Convince “D” (no more need 4 formalities, we were comrades facing a serious fight) oh sorry got a lil side tracked there. Right mission 2, would be to convince D to carry out the charade that would hopefully put us in stronger and restore us to our positions within the social hierachy of school society.

Mission1 was fucken akward to say the least so I decided that it was good to start my journey with that mighty social lubicrant (liquor). Those were the good old days and you could still buy alchohol in your school uniform, without any issues. Dikeledi was hesitant, mara ne go nyiwa blind, the pressurre was on. We both needed to be liberated from the stress of the teenage adventures.

1 Vin coco and R40 later and a quick walk saw us arriving a mike’s place.

Mike was a senior, standard nine boy who was my friend through a very funny situation that occured early in our lives, actually earlier. Mike was the step brother I never knew, as it turn our old man was attending 2 more than blocked drains. our old man ran a chain of plumbing services and was a baller (moneymaker), he started the plumbing service and a was evidently succesful in more than 1 way.

I might as tell you this story, mike is my older brother our parents had never mentioned to us that we had siblings. Turns out my brother has six siblings, his mom was the legit wife at the time. Apparently old man had shacked up with his mistress, while married to the main wife after Mike’s mama. How did we find out, simple, we were carbon copies with a little diffrence in height. Evidently we had the old man’s rugged tswana features. It was harder to deny the connection after he mistook me for his biological brother (Benny). After that we knew something was up. I’ll get into the story a little later on how we confirmed parentage with our parents. So far no1 knew we were related at the time.

Mike was very popular with the chicks ‘man-whore’ was his nickname, of course no one would say to his face except maybe some unhappy conquest/s. For this reason Mike was a God to all the guys in our school.

My heart jumped straight to my throat, I think me and Dikeledi were experiencing the same shock. We were both just standing there gawking at the car parked directly in front of Mike’s house. Shit kevin was here, where were the girls and what hell was Kevin doing here. I wasn’t prepared for this confrontation either with kevin or Tebza, fuck….and now Mike is involved in some way.

I thought things were weird for me, imagine poor Dikeledi who was still hoping to hook up kevin. I had to make a decision and fast, in the end I chose to catch the last train heading out. Me and D sat by the train station and drank the vin coco in silence, it like was playing school boy with alchohol ( puff and pass stunts). By the time the train arrived we were throughly drunk, luckily 1st class wasn’t full.

Making moves on D was nerve wrecking, the kind of thing that make boys quiver. I had no idea where I would start, in a panic I acted as a schoolboy would, I did what made sense to my oversexed and lubricated brain . I stupidly went straight for her privates, which made funnier by the fact that I was sitting accross her in the train. So you can imagine that me reaching out for her wowanhood with and openhand. Never mind that she is fully and that’s the first physical contact I was making. ( Mental note get help from mike)

Luckily for me D wasnt as innocent as she seemed. She helped get my bearings and it was the greatest train ride I’ve taken.

… Mike had been trying to explain to me why blow jobs were so great. I knew what they were and had experienced it twice and it wasn’t really anything to get excited about. Dikeledi really put me onto bjs, I don’t know what she was doing down there, oweeeee all I knew is that it felt like a 10 minute orgasm. she made gloria’s lil bj seem like pouring warm water on my dingaling. This was heaven. I think I fell in love or atleast in Lust with D that day.

I would have loved to have gone all the way but girls have to maintain some exclusivity to keep niggas interested. At that time the winter ball situation seemed a million miles away, Tebza was a distant memory. I guess the dikeledi was still thinking abt the endgame, how things would be if she gave it up.

I walked her home in silence imagining what the backlash would be and what was happening at Mike’s place. I was thinking about all the debauchery I’d witnessed at mike’s place was my Tebza being de flowered aaaarrrggg, my lil heart was a lil sore. Bt I was smiling like an idiot.

I still had to come with a plan to get back to my plan ….. Big mission ahead !!!


7 thoughts on “Chapter 6 Dikeledi vs Tebza

  1. Cant wait for the next i wanna know whats gonna happen and the train is so interesting ha ha ha cant wait for next week

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