Chapter four: preparations for the winter ball

“Attracting a woman is about nuances and covert activities” another one of Lulu’s bullshit theories, I have no idea where he gets this stuff. Lulu was desperate to succeed, I think he was a driven individual and he really didn’t like failing and was compulsive in his approach.

Lulu plays director and choreographer, he continued to get the right rumours to wrong people, and created such a frenzy at one point, when he inserted a gay porn magazine in the headboy’s locker. Poor guy, the magazine was placed in such a way that it would fall when he opened the locker; some of the pages had been loosened. When the magazine landed pages flew everywhere during after school rush. It was like the scene after Mexico scored against Bafana Bafana in the opening game of the 2010 World cup, all the oxygen was sucked out of this guy, and he was completely paralysed.
I mean what would you do in that situation, he he he, if you pick the magazine up and try to gather the pages, you look hella suspect, option 2 Go into a furious rage, even more suspect there’s really nothing to do. Poor fella never saw it coming reputation straight out the window, no amount of protestation can save you at this point, school kids are not very unforgiving.

Off campus there were new developments, Lulu thought I wasn’t aware that Tebza had some new pursuer somebody off campus and beyond Lulu’s little universe of power. What lulu didn’t count on was my own prowess with the opposite sex, I could feel the gap between me and my Aries as this outsider ran amok. There was nothing to it, I would have to deploy my own strategic strike, the problem was that the success of my strategy relied on the development of a small tiff between Tebza and a certain Ms Dikeledi. One that is not my problem to clean up, I have no contingency for controlling the mayhem that may ensure after I strike.

Outsiders can’t come to a school ball so that buys me one last opportunity to avert any advances from this pursuer once and for all. I put Lulu to sword about keeping the information secret and I told him that, I had enough of his theories, I wanted action pronto, my ultimatum was simple, guarantee me Tebza for the winter ball and I would see to it that everything else falls into place.

Kevin Magagula, rich boy with means to buy any girl he wanted; I’m not saying that he wasn’t a smooth operator. He’s only fault was that he deviated to money as his number one weapon. Magagula was 2 years my senior, by my assessment he was slightly more handsome than me, he had two things on me, one was his age and obvious advantage with impressionable young girls and secondly he had a car, I must admit that one worried me a lot.

Till this point i kept my relationship with Tebza to a limit of one break per week, usually the guys would initiate saucy topics with the standard 7 and 8 girls. It was mostly exploratory engagement, you can never have enough inside information. Of course you can’t read too much into what people say when they are in groups, but it does come in handy in terms of creating the right perception in the mind on your target. You can position yourself as rebellious, wild or just plain cool, informed is good but not as good as cool.

At this particular group session after rugby and netball practice, the race was on to impress, Le Aries, who was beginning to be a lil nonchalant, like we were too young to even impress her, never mind be with her. It was two weeks to the winter ball and Kevin and this outsider were there clear competitors left in the game. The outsider was not a big concern at this point, Mr Magagula was the obvious threat at this point. Always Mr. Smooth he bought all the honeys, tropikas all the guys gave a collective and silent sighs, when he pulled that one. Asshole, always trying make the boys look bad, bastard!. I have to admit that it was a nice move, but I’m not going to spend a whole week work of carry money( lunch for money) in one go, hell no!. Just to rub it in this asshole, has to ruin my plan of pouncing Tebza, by giving her a ride to the train station… Ei san di bloody agent, wan costa.

Things were getting desperate, so I deployed, strike number one and loudly professed that Dikeledi, was looking “mighty fine and hot as hell on the court”. I wasn’t lying, the issue was that the beautifully worded prose, was directed at the wrong Girl, strike two ask Dikeledi if I can walk her to the station. This completely blindsided Tebza, till this point, she was firmly in charge, she was doing all the posing and I was doing all the proposing. I was prepared for war and I was about to crash or fly, all of this depended on the response of Miss Zinto.

He he he Kevin was completely baffled by what had happened, dude was intent on beating me on Tebza score, he wasn’t sure what was happening, his reputation was on the line and he had been firmly focused on Tebza, when i struck. Dikeledi was a gracious and she held out her hand for me to hold while we crossed the street.

Lerato who was already in the car was now a very confused; it was a bit of a Mexican stand-off. Dikeledi was willing Lerato out of the car from the other side of the street, and Tebza was giving Lerato the evil eye watching her closely to work-out what she was going to do next……..

You probably thinking why didn’t I lulu this cat, nope unfortunately for me, Magagula was clean as a whistle.

Let me let you in on a little secret that I have learnt in all of my years consorting with women, The only reason this was happening is that pretty women of all ages are competitive and even though Tebza was the leader of the gang that didn’t mean that Dikeledi was going to accept that she was the prettier of the two. Dikeledi knew her worth and was not going to be out-muscled in the beauty stakes, for her it was either the most wanted boy, Magagula( the bloody bastard) or the top tier on Tebza’s list , me.

Unbeknown to all of us, Dikeledi secretly had a crush on Magagula, and was devastated when he started making advances on Tebza. She figured it was an ego issue between me and Kevin, and that she could woo him towards her by the winter ball. Believe me when I say this is the last comment of this type but “women are truly the chess players- (real playaz), while I thought she was the pawn, she was making a plan to be the queen of Kevin’s life and I was her pawn. So me and Dikeledi were using eachother. To achieve our own objectives. See how sneaky chicks are…..(Just kidding ladies)

I need t tell you about lerato before I tell you what she finally did in that mexican standff…. Look out for her full profile in the next chapter.

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