Chapter Two- Lulu and the gang

I’m not bloody retarded I know I said they were a gang, and so far you have only been introduced to Dikeledi, Lerato and my Aries. (oh by the way ,just make peace with the fact that you will never know the real name of the Aries, the reason simple, she a real person and I can’t afford a lawsuit at this point)

Enter the 4th gang member, Gay Lulu otherwise known as Luyanda Mpinga, or the Gay-Father or the God-fairy, you see as Lulu was a rich boy, one those early BEE brats, he was kind of the gang’s benefactor. He was their chief investment provider, if the girls needed drinks or smokes for parties or school socials, money to buy doctor’s notes etc, Lulu would be the man err!, let’s just say that he was the person to provide the finance. He he he

Lu as he was known before his big reveal, or to put it more accurately his leap out of the closet. Lu was one of the boys, not in the sense that he was popular, he was more the quiet dude, we didn’t even really know what his deal was and to be honest we didn’t really care, Lu was quiet and kept his nose out the gossip circles. Lu for some reason was very popular with the girls, he was like their confessional bishop, Girls found easy to relate to him, he was always surrounded by the prettiest girls in the school; even the older chicks had a thing for Lu’s conversation. Of course this didn’t go unnoticed by the young scheming boys. We saw Lu as the missing link the guy who could get all the information you needed on a potential conquest. Lu was a real inside man, he could get sort of a pre-approval for your mack (mack: informal proposition to a young bird), sort of set the scene and sell the potential suitor to the lady in question, or as we referred to “Luing” the Girls.

Despite his conversational prowess with the ladies, Lu wasn’t really getting any action from all the honeys that swooning for him. Not that I was complaining, I personally believed that Lu was the master of priming, he could get you to landing strip with very little effort.

So you can imagine the f#%^n suprise, when this cat comes up to me after July holidays and bares his soul and confesses his fantasies about Jim, (one, burly white, rugby jock a, real English cat). Turns out this weasel has been homosexual the whole time and was just out to spare himself a beating and now that he had finally put together the perfect defence team in Lerato and the Gang, he was going out the closet.

He said hoped we’d be pals either way. Of course I didn’t say anything, i couldn’t , I was on crazy quest to find myself and had on a self imposed vow of silence. (Note: you can get away with this type shit at a former white school or model C if you want to be PC about it, you get ass kicked by black teachers- you have been warned). There’s something about, being silent that allows people to open up to you, it disarms them allows them come forward easily. Oh, it quite neat trick for getting to know nice honeys, you wouldn’t believe the type shit i used to hear about Judy the science Olympiad and “virgin”.

Okay back to the mysterious Lulu, despite his rich, spoilt exterior Lulu as he now called himself was master tactician, as skilled chess player with a keen sense of reading people. I guess this is a good time to explore the formation of this very odd gang, Lulu’s Angels hehehe….. (and yes you will meet the rest of the girls now)

Lu blew into town in the second semester of STD 6(grade 8 for all you model Cs), this was like May of 99’. He was small bodied but quite athletic looking. He did three disciplines in athletics and played cricket. Shit…. he fit right in, one of the boys. In his confession, he indicated that he had in fact began, bulk up and self defence programmes, when his father had indicated they were moving to Johannesburg. In Cape Town he was accepted and art school, was “Fags galore” (not my words I’m quoting Lulu).He believed that we Joburg pricks were all assholes and he was not going to end up incoma because of being ill prepared.

Step one, of his plan was to infiltrate the “cool kids” gang in both STD 6 and 7 as a form of short term protection. Step two; cultivate a jock persona and be a masculine cat until he was skilled and strong enough to defend himself. Step three; the most dangerous step, was find open minded people or other gay or Bi people on campus.

Of course all this shit went out the window, when victor caught that vicious beating orchestrated by Dikeledi and carried out by Lerato. Lulu the master planner had found a new and faster route to personal freedom.


5 thoughts on “chapter 2 Lulu blows into town

  1. Hey abuti, I’ve been reading from the beginning & I’m trying to catch up….However, I must say that I am entertained!! Lulu is quite a character…I digs him.

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