Chapter 1 – The Trap

By Lebogang Mukansi

Let’s start with the Aries, she caught me early I must have been 15 years old. She was a 16 year old cougar and a standard ahead of me, hot blooded mama with Bossy attitude. She was the co-leader of the ghetto standard 7 black girl gang, you know them.

Some of the gang members were Lerato the Big girl, the enforcer of the gang, not enough brains to lead the pack even though all of them were as scared of her just like the other standard 6 & 7 boys. Lerato wasn’t just rough she also very sneaky, I seem recall an episode were she suckered a Matric asshole into the girl’s toilet during a school sporting event, athletics or something. Anyway so she baits this fool into the toilet by using sexy Dikeledi as bait. Okay let’s get to Dikeledi so you can get the full picture.

Dikeledi Zinto, I tell you, I could never forget that name even if I wanted to. She was a bit of stunning anomaly, ey Ngwana ka skin sa cheese, (light skinned, or yellow bone). She had deep set eyes that arched as if she was Japanese. You would think her perfectly poised African nose and her tiny lips seem like a contradiction, oh no, not Dikeledi somehow all her features came together to produce one of the most stunning faces I ever had the pleasure of seeing. I’m not even try to front this girl was hot; we all took tissues to the netball courts, to keep the drool in check. Being her boyfriend was a complete nightmare, guys would come from other high schools to try their luck, and you were constantly in a fight, because some guy wants to take your place.

Okay now back to the story , The point is that no one was going to resist the chance to be alone with Dikeledi, Mr Asshole, Victor had no chance, and resistance is just futile when you’re dealing Dikeledi. Obviously Victor had forgotten that he had slapped around some arrogant little standard six boy, which is pretty much acceptable, unless the kid happens to be the brother to Dikeledi’s protector, pimp, friend and body guard, Big Lerato. Poor victor had made the mistake of hazing this loud little punk, of course in my day we used the less acceptable term “initiating”.

So Victor is on cloud nine, after spending his entire week’s allowance on Dikeledi and the Gang in exchange for 30 minutes over two break periods with Dikeledi. So the trap was set, Dikeledi was going to lure the unwitting victim into the Girl’s loo, his horny ass never even stopped to calculate the risks of being caught in that particular toilet.

What happened in that Pretoria high school, girl’s toilet was legendary, the stuff that make high school myths and legends. I mean this was not the average case of a high school girl being bad, it wasn’t just embarrassing boy, or sexual blackmail by claiming to be 15 years, so that they can extort phones out of the snared sugar daddy.

To get into the toilet the two prospective lovers ( of course this is only in the mind of Victor, to Dikeledi this was simply playing out the act 1 of her carefully laid plan) have to navigate the around the prefect room, which of course is Snitch central, luckily all snitches are required to be on duty during school events. The prefect who was assigned, scratch that- the only prefect to volunteer for the bathroom smoker’s watch was owned by Big Lerato. She was not going to make a fuss if she knew what was good for her. So with the consent of the silent accomplice, the two slipped into the girl’s toilet. (And I’m fairly certain, that in all the euphoria of teen hormones, he failed to notice the assessors table was close to the toilet windows)

The rest as they say is history…………….and that the truth of that story lies somewhere in between the two unofficial versions or rumours ( whatever suits you delicate tastes)

Story one: is pretty straight forward Victor arrives in the bathroom, gets oh a little hot and heavy with Dikeledi, who gets him to strip, just before the whole gang of girls spring out the cubicles and beat the crap out of Victor, end of story

Story two: is the legend maker, this story has been retold so many times, I’m sure I wouldn’t recognise the 2009 version. The conception and planning were immaculate; preparation had happened in under a week, as he waltzed in Victor wasn’t bum-rushed by 7 chicks who intend to kick him to pieces, his demise was going to be deliberate clear and un-chaotic, he was going to remember who, and what was happening to him. Somehow Dikeledi had discovered that beneath the pretty exterior, she was a shrewd strategist, she’s obsessed with detail and motive.
The silent source later told the story as follows after she found herself compromised by her drinking habits and her heavy sexual needs. She tells the story as follows:

”So Victor walks into a seemingly empty, bathroom with Dikeledi in tow, she directs him towards the last cubicle and the furthest end of the bathroom away from the door and towards the windows and the noise of the events occurring outside. As he reaches the far wall, Dikeledi tells him that she hears something; she’s going to check goes to check out the noise, and suddenly she’s a bit panicky and tells Victor that she sees the school principle and she seems to be sitting near the bathroom window with the assessors. At the first sight of Victor’s panic, Dikeledi pressed on and announced Lerato with little whistle, Lerato steps out of the last cubicle looking menacing and she seemed to seething about something. Poor Victor had just heard that it was little Lerato that he bullied during the initiation phase.

The source is now at the door and can’t help peeping to see what the action is like. She says without missing a beat Dikeledi, whispered something into Victor’s ear for about a steady minute, she says she could see his expression rapidly deteriorate with every word, he flinched and the tears started to roll as hear became aware of the situation, at this point the source is positively puzzled, because Victor is known as a tough guy and is quick to disburse a firm slap on the school grounds. ( I do realise that you have not been fully appraised on Victor’s background but, that another story altogether, let’s just say, he was your run of the mill bully and all round asshole)

The next time the source peered in Victor was silently taking a beating from Nasty Lerato, who was viciously thrashing Victor with a sock stuffed with Sunlight (the green bar). To the source’s suprise, Victor was taking the beating without a fuss or the least a fight; she says he seemed to be biting on something to avoid crying out in pain, every time Lerato brought down the heavy bar soap laden sock. She says the beating continued for a full 10 minutes until Victor lay bleeding from his face and head, Lerato stood her victim, breathing like an Ox that has just heaved a big load. Victor later scurried out of the bathroom, like a whimpering puppy, he didn’t say anything to anyone, and he left his bag and quickly disappeared from the school premises.

And that bring us to the Aries connection, although the story was an open secret, the actual words that Dikeledi had whispered into Victor’s ears remained a mystery. A mystery that was only going to be solved by my Aries connection, my inside woman as it were. After a steamy session on Sunday morning when her parents were away, she laid it on me, because she wanted us to have no secrets blah blah, some drivel about my heart is pure if I tell you all my secrets and more high school girl talk.

When she finally laid on me, I was in complete disbelieve, let me quote the delectable Dikeledi’s sweet words as they poured into Victor’s ears : “Victor, my love unfortunately you fucked up, your penis and your little ego have set you up, this is trap my love, and its one you walked right into. I don’t care whether you know whether you know what you did or not , the bottom-line is that you are either going to take the beating of your life from Lerato or your are going to be expelled and arrested for trying to rape me, Lerato will swear in court that you tried to rape me and she saved me. The choice is yours, ruin your life and your high school career right at its pinnacle or face the wrath of Lerato. If you even try to open your dirty little mouth, the rape case is back on, Get on your knees you fucken dog, Lerato beta Ntja e, rebone gore etla wobula! (Lerato beat this dog; let’s see if it will bark”

Moral of the story “don’t fuck with bad high school girls” watch out punks and sugar daddies.


23 thoughts on “chapter 1 The trap

  1. Wow lebz,ur a man with many talents my so so impressed… Hahaha,i c i share the same name with ur lead character.its so flattering. Im patiently inticipating part two…im damn proud of ya

  2. Boss dis jst left me feelin nostalgic nd the Dikeledi chacter matches Lerato dam,have 2 hunt her down 😉
    Can’t wait 4 Friday.

  3. hehehe:) That was hilarious, very witty:) Thorougly enjoyed that…looking forward to reading the rest…and that cricket game 🙂

  4. Lebza, fantastic story my brother loving it so far and will definitely read ALL 6 chapters posted so far.
    Request: may I please proof read the story as it unfolds – totally free. I just want to help with readability. Errors of grammar, diction and spelling can can hamper the enjoyment of an otherwise great read..
    By the way, I also attended Manor [1997-2001] 🙂

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